Get someone to manage your social media

Social media has become an imperative part of a brand’s marketing. It gives access to the outside world, updating current and future customers on the goings on of the company.

While small businesses typically have less staff and/or resources (a.k.a. budget) to hire someone to manage those accounts, inevitably it ends up being the job of the owners. This is perfectly fine. Everyone does it – or has to do it – sometime.

And a key to running successful social media accounts is to keep it about the business.

Recently, there have been online meltdowns of owners and CEOs who have access to their company’s social media and the results were… unfortunate. Dirty laundry was aired and lawyers got involved (not to mention people losing their jobs, sometimes forcibly removed from their positions).

No one needs to know that. Not only does it reflect poorly on the owners and CEOs but also tarnishes the reputation of the brand, no matter how pristine it is (or was).

Once a company achieves a level of success and size, then a social media team should be hired to tackle all of the accounts. Ideally, they have experience, stay on message (know what do say and how and when to say it), and are removed from any personal attachments to the company. For them, it’s what they do, not who they are.

And, it’s cheaper to hire someone to do regular updates than dealing with an expensive lawsuit.


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