We’re not a social media agency

While pitching for new clients, inevitably there is a moment where the client wonders why CR doesn’t promote themselves on social media.

Some understand – after a brief explanation – that our job is to promote other people, not ourselves. Some do not.  We’re not a “social media” agency, but a consulting firm.

“Why would I want to work with someone with almost no followers on social media?” was a question repeated at a particular pitch meeting. The potential client also ranted about CR’s Facebook (it’s private and only for clients), Twitter (not updated enough) and Instagram (a new account).

I got their point, but they didn’t get mine.

Our job is to create a buzz through PR and marketing initiatives for clients, not create content for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) for ourselves. Sometimes the work entails social media, but that’s not the main goal.

In the ideal world, CR wouldn’t have any social media, but it’s a – sort of – necessity in the today’s industry. We do have accounts on websites and apps, even if they’re not followed by thousands of people. The CR team is meant to be invisible.

Inevitably, we do well for our clients. If they get a higher number of social media followers and engagement, it’s good. If their media coverage increases, it’s great. If those two can convert clicks and double-taps into sales, it’s even better.

If certain individuals don’t understand that, then we shouldn’t be working with them, anyway.


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